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Hunt: Showdown Enters The Mainstream Using User Generated Content

October 5, 2021 / by The Lurkit Team posted in Marketing, Insights, Gaming

Hunt: Showdown is a First Person Shooter set in a dark reality where hunters compete towards a single target . The game has two game modes with "Bounty Hunt" and "Quickplay" each providing a unique experience. Between the two modes, "Quickplay" has gained a reputation for being a fast-paced experience that balances the PvE and PvP features  of the game well.

For many players, Hunt: Showdown breaks the meta understanding of the "Battle Royale" formula and offers a unique mixed PvE and PvP experience. With objective hunting, casual collecting, and unique death rules the game breaks new ground and defines itself as more than just another competitive shooter.

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Prospecting relevant content creators for your campaign

September 17, 2021 / by The Lurkit Team posted in Influencer marketing, Campaign analytics, Marketing, Insights

Time to find some streamers and YouTubers? Successful influencer campaigns are based on data and relevance. This is where the PR manager, influencer marketer, and community manager spend a lot of their time before a game launch. But where and when do you find content creators? We know what good prospecting looks like and which tags and metrics are key for your campaign. We also know how you can present them in a way your marketing team understands.  

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