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How Apex Legends' User Generated Content marketing created a hit game

March 11, 2021 / by Kamil Malinowski posted in Influencer marketing, Marketing, Social Media

If you’re a fan of gaming or esports, you’ve no doubt heard of Apex Legends - Respawn and EA's take on the battle royale genre. The game quickly gained popularity after its surprise launch in early 2019 and has since thrived, becoming one of the most popular multiplayer titles out there.

There are a few reasons for this and it was no doubt helped by adding some unique elements to the genre. However, one of the biggest reasons it made headlines was due to its marketing efforts, which included a launch that came basically out of nowhere and a key focus on user generated content. 

Let’s take a look at how Apex took the market by storm thanks to its launch and UGC, as well as how it has utilized user content since to stay on top.

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How Re-Logic leverage user generated content in Terraria’s marketing strategy

March 5, 2021 / by Kamil Malinowski posted in Marketing, Social Media

User generated content has become a focal point in gaming as it has become a key tool that developers can use to enhance a game. We’ve even seen some games become huge hits just by making UGC their focal point, both in and out of game. 

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Why Nintendo’s Mario Maker is the perfect UGC marketing tool

February 26, 2021 / by Kamil Malinowski posted in Marketing, Social Media

If it’s possible to create, in-game user generated content is one of the best tools a game can have. Giving users the possibility and enabling them to create content is a massive boon to any game. We’ve already seen it be a huge success, with user created mods from games like Starcraft and Warcraft spiraling all the way to becoming ginormous games themselves, like League of Legends and Dota 2.

UGC extends the life of a game far beyond what the developers could ever realistically do and allows for content which may be ‘incorrect’ from a development point of view to be created and enjoyed. For example, a level in Valve’s Portal game without actually using any portals - this makes no sense and would be a bit too confusing to add to the base game, but adds a perfect bit of enjoyment as a UGC addon. 

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