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Game marketing is not business marketing

September 30, 2021 / by Joshua Goodpastor posted in Streamer culture, Influencer marketing, Xbox, PlayStation, Insights, Indie games

Business communication has long relied on the foundations of Advertising and Public Relations strategies to market games. While classic skills like trend awareness and behavior prediction are useful, it is becoming increasingly necessary for marketing to evolve past business communication. The internet opened up the door for tons of different businesses, opportunities, and communication strategies to be viable and marketing must evolve with the internet’s new world. This becomes even more important when looking to dive into game marketing as the video game industry is a constantly evolving ecosystem. 

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Which console had the better launch stream numbers?

January 21, 2021 / by Kamil Malinowski posted in Xbox, PlayStation, Streaming, Marketing

In late 2020, we saw the infamous console wars continue, as Sony released the PlayStation 5, while Microsoft released the Xbox Series X and S. As always, it was a battle of supremacy between the two, with both companies doing all they can to encourage gamers to join their side. 

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